Powerful Data Integration CLI tool

Running your EL tasks from the CLI has never been simpler. Whether ingesting CSV or JSON files, transferring data between databases, or exporting a custom SQL query to a Parquet file — Sling is the solution that empowers you to achieve it effortlessly. 


sling run --src-conn AWS --src-stream s3://file.csv --tgt-conn SNOWFLAKE --tgt-object my_schema.my_table


sling run --src-conn CLICKHOUSE --src-stream default.my_table --tgt-conn PG --tgt-object my_schema.my_table


cat my_file.csv | sling run --tgt-conn MYDB --tgt-object my_schema.my_table

Blazing fast performance

Core engine is written in Go and adopts a streaming design, making it super efficient by holding minimal data in memory

Replicate data quickly

Easily replicate data from a source database, file or SaaS connection to a destination database or file. Define the configuration in a YAML file.

Free Command Line Tool

Sling allows you to run your own operation in whatever environment you prefer. 

List all Configured Connections

With the list sub-command, we can display all connections available from our Sling Env File as well as Environment Variable. Oh, are your using dbt profiles? Sling picks those up too!

Test Connectivity

The Sling CLI tool also allows testing connections. Once we know the connection name, we can use the sling conns test command.

Discover Available Streams

The discover sub-command displays which streams are available for sling is read from for a particular connection. You can even filter by schema for database connections, or by folder for storage connections.

Use YAML Configs

You can easily define your replications in YAML files. You're able to specify default values as well as naming patterns! Check the docs here for more details.

Install with Ease


brew install slingdata-io/sling/sling



scoop bucket add sling https://github.com/slingdata-io/scoop-sling.git

scoop install sling



curl -LO 'https://github.com/slingdata-io/sling-cli/releases/latest/download/sling_linux_amd64.tar.gz' \

    && tar xf sling_linux_amd64.tar.gz \

    && rm -f sling_linux_amd64.tar.gz \

    && chmod +x sling



docker pull slingdata/sling

docker run --rm -i slingdata/sling --help



pip install sling



See Github Repository.

Frequently Asked Questions

For any additional questions, feel free to send a message here

What kind of Connections are supported?

Many connection types are supported including MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, SQL Server, AWS S3, Google File Storage, Azure Storage, SFTP and more. See here for a complete list.

Is Sling really free to use?

Yes it is! Just install it on your machine and use it as you wish. No strings attached. The open-sourced code is located here.