Powerful CLI tool for free

If the command line is more of your taste, you can use sling cli, a versatile tool to extract and load data from one platform to another. It is written in Go and uses the very same engine which powers Sling Cloud.

Extract & Load data in a heartbeat

Running your EL tasks from the CLI has never been easier. Got a CSV or JSON file? Simple pipe the data into sling, and it will automatically detect the proper column datatypes and create a database table for you. It would look something like this:

cat my_file.csv | sling run --tgt-conn MYDB --tgt-object my_schema.my_table

List all Configured Connections

With the list sub-command, we can display all connections available from our Sling Env File as well as Environment Variable. Oh, are your using dbt profiles? Sling picks those up too!

Test Connectivity

The Sling CLI tool also allows testing connections. Once we know the connection name, we can use the sling conns test command.

Discover Available Streams

The discover sub-command displays which streams are available for sling is read from for a particular connection. You can even filter by schema for database connections, or by folder for storage connections.

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